SPICE Data Release 2.0

SPICE consortium



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This data pack contains Solar Orbiter/SPICE data recorded during:

We distribute both Level 2 (L2, calibrated) and Level 1 (L1, uncalibrated) files. However, scientists should use L2 and not L1 files for their research. L2 data take into account all the calibration parameters quantified at the time of the release. L1 files are only provided to investigate possible issues with the conversion from L1 to L2. The conversion software will eventually be released in SolarSoft. Users should contact the SPICE team in case they think they have a good reason to use L1 files.

Citation & acknowledgements

Scientific papers using SPICE data from this data release must:

The development of SPICE has been funded by ESA member states and ESA. It was built and is operated by a multi-national consortium of research institutes supported by their respective funding agencies: STFC RAL (UKSA, hardware lead), IAS (CNES, operations lead), GSFC (NASA), MPS (DLR), PMOD/WRC (Swiss Space Office), SwRI (NASA), UiO (Norwegian Space Agency).

The usage of SPICE images as online web graphics or in printed materials must mention “Image Courtesy: ESA/Solar Orbiter/SPICE”.


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