SPICE Data Release 1.0

SPICE consortium



Access to data: https://spice.osups.universite-paris-saclay.fr/spice-data/release-1.0/ and through the ESA Solar Orbiter Archive.

This data pack contains Solar Orbiter/SPICE data recorded during Short Term planning Period 122 (STP122, Nov. 16-23, 2020). These data were acquired early in the mission, under variable instrument configurations.

We only distribute the Level 2 (calibrated) data for this release. In case issues in the Level 2 data are found that require to investigate the conversion from Level 1 to Level 2, access can be granted to the Level 1 data and to the software used to convert it. The processing software will eventually be released in SolarSoft. However, it should be clear that Level 2 data is the data product that scientists should use for their research. Level 2 data takes into account all the calibration parameters quantified at the time of the release.


Known limitations

Citation & acknowledgements

Scientific papers using SPICE data from this data release must:

The development of SPICE has been funded by ESA member states and ESA. It was built and is operated by a multi-national consortium of research institutes supported by their respective funding agencies: STFC RAL (UKSA, hardware lead), IAS (CNES, operations lead), GSFC (NASA), MPS (DLR), PMOD/WRC (Swiss Space Office), SwRI (NASA), UiO (Norwegian Space Agency).

The usage of SPICE images as online web graphics or in printed materials must mention “Image Courtesy: ESA/Solar Orbiter/SPICE”.